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Vocals, Keyboard, Handpan / Andrin Haag

Bass, Guitar, Backingvocals / Yannick Bellotto

Drums, Saxophone, Backingvocals / Allan Loew

 Guitar, Drums, Keyboard / Colin Lanz


© Basil Schubert

© Basil Schubert

In early 2015, Colin Lanz (production, guitar, drums & keys) and Allan Loew (production, drums & saxophone) decided to initiate a musical project. The young multi-instrumentalists shared a common musical background and had been collaborating multiple times. Shortly after the fusion with Andrin Haag (keys, lead vocals & handpan) and Yannick Bellotto (bass, vocals), the Swiss ensemble formed a band called Quintessenz.

 After having written a few singles and having played their first public concerts in January 2016, Quintessenz released their debut EP „V“. It was recorded, produced and designed in its entirety by the musicians.

 Shortly after winning the „Imagine Bandcontest“, Quintessenz received major attention in Northwest Switzerland and grew their fan base through numerous live performances and radio appearances.

 Their second EP „Ellipsis“ charted at number 18 in the national album charts in April 2017. After playing more than 50 concerts within just two years, Quintessenz left their hometown with a reputation of the hardest working and most booked newcomer band.

 The band have grown a stable network in London’s music scene and have played cult live music venues such as The Troubadour and The Half Moon.

 Quintessenz is currently working on new material and have decided only to play a few selected public shows for the time being, in order to take a creative break and work on new material.

As a matter of fact they are aiming to release their debut album in January 2020.