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Guitar, Drums, Keyboard / Colin Lanz


Drums, Saxophone, Backingvocals / Allan Loew


Vocals, Keyboard, Handpan / Andrin Haag

Bass, Guitar, Backingvocals / Yannick Bellotto


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Quintessenz is an independent band. They wrote, recorded and released 2 EPs in a self-made manner. But still they could earn a big amount of regional success in Basel, the cultural capital of Switzerland. The EP "Ellipsis" even went Nr. 18 in the Swiss album-charts and received positive critical acclaims. 

The band left the city with the reputation of the probably hardest-working and most-booked band and with songs that are still being played in the radio occasionally. 

They are all from Switzerland where they played around 50 gigs within the last two years so they were able to collect a lot of experience in performing. 

Quintessenz have been happy enough to have been booked for all kind of gigs no matter if festivals, big venues or unplugged sessions. 

Its genre is Indie but it has some influences of Progressive Rock. They call it Progressive Indie.

Too the band has a variety of instruments on stage. Besides the usual indie-instruments like drums, guitars, bass and piano there are sax and a handpan.